“Nature-based solutions and economic localization for climate action and sovereignty” Spain Tour – World Localization Day 2022

Social innovation for climate action

“Nature-based solutions and economic localization for climate action and sovereignty” Spain Tour – World Localization Day 2022

March 31, 2022 Events 0

Within the framework of the campaign prior to World Localization Day 2022 (June 21) and the EU Climate Pact Ambassadors Network, Social Climate, in collaboration with a long list of people and organizations, organizes a series of conferences and debates across Spain in the spring of 2022 (April – June), concluding with a Climate Journey taken place simultaneously in multiple cities in mid-June.

We will talk about Nature-based Solutions and economic localization, two key action levers nowadays to generate energy sovereignty, climate resilience and social equity in all its dimensions. Particularly, the main focus will be the business opportunities created by these two drivers in the current context.

We live in times of danger and opportunity. The chained current global crises (pandemic, war, migration, inequalities and poverty, climate change, species extinction) deepen our vulnerabilities, even threatening with a civilizational collapse, and undoubtedly pointing to a change of era and model. Its root causes (consumerism, growth and unfettered globalization) are common, as are its systemic solutions.

Among them, two are fully complementary: Nature-based Solutions (NbS) which, according to the IUCN Global Standard for NbS, protect, manage and regenerate ecosystems in order to tackle major social challenges such as the climate crisis, while promoting health, wellbeing and a positive impact on biodiversity; and economic localization that allows us to localize and diversify production, consumption and governance, reducing emissions and creating green and inclusive employment, especially in the most vulnerable communities. Both hand in hand generate resilience, sovereignty and equity, the ingredients of the Great Transformation ahead.



Jesus Iglesias Saugar
Entrepreneur and facilitator of social innovation for climate action, with 13 years of international experience. EU Climate Pact Ambassador. Speaker at the UN Climate Change Conferences. Columnist for El País and ElDiario.es. Professional Certification on IUCN Global Standard for NbS. Co-founder of the Mediterranean NbS Cluster, and member of climate action networks such as Climate Reality or 350.org.
Natascha Wahlberg Macías (online)
Expert consultant in sustainable business innovation, inclusive design and gender perspective, with 12 years of experience in R&D projects at the international & national level. Board memner of the Mediterranean NbS Cluster. Focused on climate action, waste management & recovery, agri-food, water resources, social entrepreneurship, quality & environment and human resources.

Tour stops:

Málaga: February 9 (already held)
Aranda de Duero: April 28
Burgos: May 5
Madrid: May 18
Valencia: May 19
Valladolid: May 25
Soria: to be confirmed
Zaragoza: to be confirmed
Barcelona: June 2

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want change to arrive in your city or town too.

The time is now, rewilding and relocalization for the climate and the people 😉