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Social Climate we are a cooperative, set up in Spain with a representative in Greece and Moldova, committed to driving climate action based on science and social justice; through social innovation, economic localization, sustainable tourism, nature-based solutions, and international cooperation.


We catalyze processes of social innovation for the climate via consulting, training, capacity building, facilitation, and project development, management, and evaluation services.

In particular, we engage local communities and ecosystems of stakeholders in designing and implementing climate action plans, based on science and social justice, for cities, communities and regions.


Artur Nadcrinicinii

Co-founder, facilitator & consultant
Green entrepreneurship & social business
International cooperation

Artur leads expert consulting projects, brokers partnerships and manages projects in Eastern Europe & Asia. He is an international consultant on social business development, has worked with the Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Activity Center – UNEP/MAP, and been a business broker for UNDP and other development-focused multilateral organizations.

He holds a degree in Economics, and a postgraduate MBA. He has 10+ years of previous professional experience in the private sector, covering various fields in the areas of strategic and operational planning, sectoral studies and market research, as well as business partnerships, trade and investment promotion.

Jesus Iglesias Saugar

Co-founder, facilitator & consultant
Social innovation for climate action
International cooperation

Jesus catalyzes processes of “social innovation for the climate”, unleashing the social economy for climate action and justice, both locally and through international cooperation. He has 12 years of professional experience in the field, having taken part in the last five UN Climate Change conferences since COP21 in Paris. He has been appointed a EU Climate Pact Ambassador, and is a regular contributor to major Spanish journals like elDiario.es and El País.

He holds a BSc in Telecomm. Engineering, a MSc in Space & Planetary Science from the Paris Observatory and UC Berkeley , and a MSc in Sustainable Development from EOI Business School. He’s an active member of multiple networks: Advanced Leadership, Climate Reality, 350.org, and the Nature-based Solutions Cluster.

Natascha Wahlberg

Co-founder, facilitator & consultant
Sust. bussiness innovation & gender equity
Fundraising & international cooperation

Natascha coordinates sustainable business innovation projects, from a gender equity perspective. She counts with 10+ years of experience developing and managing R&D + innovation projects, funds, programmes and tenders at local, regional, national and european level; touching a variety of topics such as waste management and valorization, agri-food, efficient management of water resources, or social entrepreneurship.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences, and masters in Environmental & Quality Management and Human Resources Management. She is committed and passionate about climate action, sustainability, renewable energies, social and environmental innovation, and gender equity.

Irene Fernandez

Educator, communicator and project manager
Social innovation, gender equity, and youth empowerment

Irene writes and manages social projects and also teaches languages. She is an expert in gender and coeducation as well as intercultural education.
She has experience in European projects and facilitation through non-formal education, creation of educational content and fundraising.
She has been a journalist for the local government and an English teacher in different languages centres.

She has a degree in Journalism, a master degree in Intercultural education and a course in Gender and coeducation. Her vocation is to communicate and facilitate learning processes.

Social innovation for climate action 

Our methodology revolves around a new definition of “social innovation for the climate” based on what works on the ground, as we rise to the challenges ahead:

“A solution that is radical, transgressive, disruptive, oriented to action; that builds from what exists; adopts a global & systemic approach, with solid local roots; seizes opportunities arising from the uncertainty of a complex world; thrives under collective leadership; is structured around networks of people governed by effective mechanisms of horizontal democracy, and aided by technological tools at its service; joins with a diversity of groups in broad social movements; contributes to building equity, democracy and sovereignty on the local level, and shares best practices on the translocal one; in order to provide comprehensive responses to the socio-environmental challenges faced by a specific community as a result of the climate, ecological & inequalities crises.”

Climate action plans

Following our method, we train, empower and accompany organized civil society to lead the multi-stakeholder co-creation of comprehensive climate action plans for the 2050 horizon; in order to catalyze science-mandated and just transitions towards localised, sovereign, carbon neutral, and inclusive economies; in cities and territories cooperating around the world to replicate best policies and solutions.

Climate science

We guide our planning in the most advanced and up-to-date, geolocalized climate science, via collaborations with the most prestigious institutions in the field such as the IPCC.

International Cooperation

Through a global network of partners, we foster the exchange and replication of best practices and socio-economic solutions to the climate and inequalities crisis in cities and communitie around the world.

Social justice

By working with civil society groups and all stakeholders, we ensure social justice lies at the heart of the economic transformation, with vulnerable & frontline communities leading the way.


Course on preventive climate resilience

We are developing and teaching the “Collaborative Training Course on Preventive Climate Resilience from a gender perspective, for internacional development organizations in Andalusia and Central America”, within the framework of a project led by the Peace & Development Association, with funding from the Andalusian Agency for International Cooperation (AACID).

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The Climate Journey

Guided itineraries to see on the ground the impacts, causes, connections and solutions of the climate emergency, in terms of social mobilization, direct democracy, local wellbeingeconomies, nature-based solutions, critical thinking, regenerative cultures and art.

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Local is Our Future

As a result of our collaboration with Local Futures we’ve translated and written the Spanish preface of the book “Local is Our Future” by Helena Norberg-Hodge, a renowned author and pioneer of the localization movement. We’ve also promoted the crowdfunding campaign to publish the book in Spain.

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Malaga for the Climate with the IPCC Forum

The #MalagaClimaIPCC Forum has laid out, via the UN IPCC, the most up-to-date science on the impacts, causes and solutions of the climate crisis in Malaga city, territory, and province, in order to catalyze collective climate action, equity, and social justice.

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We firmly believe in cooperation for the common good (planet, human & social rights), and thus we work and create shared value with a broad ecosystem of public institutions, economic agents, and social entities, in order to jointly catalyze climate action and social justice, including:

International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, The Mediterranean Cooperation Center of a world-leading agency in conservation and nature-based solutions, particularly for local development.


Nature-based Solutions Cluster

Group of public and private entities working on and promoting Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to build climate resilience and improve social wellbeing.

Local Futures

Pioneer international organization in the “Economics of Happiness” movement, which promotes a systemic shift towards economic localization through “education for action”.



The Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (AVITEM) aims to promote the exchange of experiences, knowledge and training for sustainable urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean region.


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Write to us if you have in mind a strategic collaboration by which we could multiply impact together. Before, please, take a good look at what we do (social innovation for climate action) and our specific projects, as we want to remain focused.

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